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King Island Community Radio 100.5 FM

King Island Radio 100.5FM is a mirror reflecting the essence of King Island and serves the community:

We see KICR as a vital resource - for building and sustaining our isolated Bass Strait island community; in times of emergency; airing locally relevant information and entertainment to listeners; being independent through serving the community; for promotion of the King Island brand and lifestyle. A place of opportunity, beauty and environment.


King Island Radio 100.5 FM offers the King Island community and visitors localised community radio fulfilling needs which are not met by commercial or government radio broadcasting.
We provide locally-produced content and a voice to the King Island community that is immediately relevant and meaningful to their daily lives.
We allow and encourage individuals or groups to participate in producing their own programs and to maintain and reflect our local culture.
We provide basic media training for participation in all aspects of running a radio station from scheduling and producing programs to administration and fundraising.


The legal bits:

King Island Community Radio Incorporated (KICR) is an independent incorporated Association (Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) & State Department Justice, Tasmania.)

Its federal regulator is the Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA) & it's governing broadcasting legislation is the Australian Broadcasting Services Act 1992 & other Commonwealth & State incorporation & statutory legislations & regulations

KICR has a Temporary Community Broadcasting Licence issued by ACMA & broadcasts on 100.5 FM

Our transmitters are in Currie, & the studio/station currently broadcasts from the King Island District High School, Science building.

We have adopted the Associations of Incorporation (Model Rules) (Tasmania) & KICR is a member of the Community Broadcasters Association of Australia (CBAA) & has current copyright licences - AMCOS, APRA, PPCA

The Association has an Executive, management committee & subcommittees. It meets monthly, holding it's AGM within 3 months of the end of the financial year

Broadcasts are recorded & available for listening via podcast & archived

KICR is independently funded via donations, grants, fund raising activities & Sponsorship

Application for Tax Deductible Recipient status has been made to the Australian Tax Office. An independent Public Fund account  has independent oversight. This is reflected in Association Incorporation documentation

We carry public liability, property, specialist broadcasting, volunteer & other applicable insurances

All presenters, committee/s, infrastructure participants are current financial members of the Association


Our Association Incorporation documents, adopted Code of Conduct, Sponsorship & KICR Policy manual including programming, presenters, OH&S & volunteers agreements & procedures can be read and downloaded on the Membership page on this website.

Contacts  our Privacy Statement and Policy


King Island has some wonderful resident photographers. Thankyou for giving permission to use your pictures.

Thanks to Renae Williams & Michelle Mauric, Anna Malley, Pam Rolley, Wade Roskam.

Thanks to FRRR for selecting us to receive a startup grant & to the Tasmanian Community Fund, TCF for selecting King Island Radio 100.5FM  to be a 2016 grant recipient which has enabled us to install a new transmitter. We broadcast to the whole of King Island. Thanks to the Community Broadcasting Foundation Ltd (CBF) to enable us to expand our broadcasting capability and program content. CBF support has enabled our technical and operational development, specialist content development, in particular our partnership with Foundations 2 Flourish positive psychology, community wellbeing and resilience workshops and activities. We also acknowledge the King Island Council for Community Small Grant (2017) , We are most grateful for COVID 19 support grants from the Tasmanian Government, RACT, Myer Foundation and CBF.

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King Island Radio Member CBAA
King Island Radio 100.5FM
King Island Radio 100.5 FM
King Island Radio 100.5 FM
King Island Radio 100.5FM FRRR award
King Island Radio Tasmanian Community Fund
King Island Radio 100.5FM
King Island Radio 100.5FM
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