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Due to COVID -19 programming has changed

King Island Radio 100.5FM
Saturday Magazine
12 - 2 pm

In studio interviews & news from across King Island. Guests include local identities and visitors. New Australian music & talent, laid back easy listening. King Island 'What's On'. Go deeper than the headline. Matt Archer's weekly fishing update. Presented by Wade Roskam & guest co hosts

King Island Radio 100.5FM
King Island Grandstand
Saturday 10 am
King Island Radio 100.5FM
Wot's on the Rock?
Friday 2 - 4 pm 

Ira Cooke presents weekly program of information, interviews, music, remember this? Featuring 'What's On' in the coming week & What's coming up on King Island? 

Recording Parenna Place King Island

Work, play, stay together? A King Island Radio Cafe experience for you & your friends. A program just for you, your mates', group's, business favourites.  

Recording Parenna Place King Island
Wake the Rock
Monday - Friday 4 - 6 am
Recording Parenna Place King Island
The Golf Show

For those who are hard at work, before the rooster crows and the rest of the island snoozes. Punk, hard rock and metal music - Returns mid November when the Cray season reopens!

King Island Radio 100.5FM
The King Island View
Winter 2019
Recording Parenna Place King Island

King Island Radio 100.5 FM presents Specials which depart from weekly scheduled program formats. Topics, events and themes are some of the areas which maybe be broadcast as 'Specials'. Includes Ballarat & Clarendon College King Island Campus Year 9  programs

King Island Radio 100.5FM
Late Night Folks
Daily 10 - Midnight
King Island Radio 100.5FM
Aussie Night
Daily Midnight - 4 am

Late Night Folks. Easy listening new Australian Folk songs, every night, between 10 pm and midnight. So you don't have to count sheep when you can't sleep!

Hear it before the rest - Aussie music featuring the latest monthly new releases.

King Island Radio 100.5FM
Rock on the Rock
Tuesday 9 - 10 pm
 Jeffs Tributes
Saturday 4 - 6 pm

Hear it before the rest - New Aussie Rock featuring the latest  new releases.

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